X WordPress Theme – Simply Brilliant

The WordPress theme simply known as ‘x’ is a lot more comprehensive than the name itself. Including a host of functionality, this theme is ideal for businesses and corporations.

Having sold just under 200,000 copies, it’s easy to see why. X gives you so much, for so little so let’s dive in to see what this premium theme has to offer.

One of the best things about this theme in our opinion is its undo/redo feature. You know that feeling when you make a mistake during updating a webpage? Well fear no more. With X you can simply undo/redo your latest events with their new action history feature. Now that’s slick and saves on backups whilst letting newbies develop without the fear of messing something up.

With inline editing, you can create and edit text directly within the preview. Change text size, headings, add bullet points, or insert an image, all whist within the preview.

Another new feature in the latest update is dynamic content, allowing you to pull content from WordPress including data from WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields and Toolset. Then once you have that data, output it directly to your page!

With the integrated role manager, you can set permissions for who can take control of what. For example, you might have someone within your team who managed the blog/news section of your website. With the role manager you could give them permission to add and edit news posts without fear of them accidently doing something they shouldn’t do which could compromise your site. That’s neat.

With the custom font uploader, you can create the perfect visual experience for your content and your customers. Speaking of fonts which one would class as a setting, all the settings can be found neatly organised within one place. Colours, fonts, theme options, preferences and a ton more besides.

Global blocks are something we’ve seen in other themes but not often enough which is weird considering just how useful they are. Create an element once, save it, and then load it as and when you need. This means you don’t have to create the same thing twice for different pages. For example, you may have different custom contact forms. Rather than create the style over and over, simply create it once and save it as a custom element. That way you’ll have it in your library to load whenever you need.

Speaking of elements, V2 elements from the X WordPress theme is now more powerful than ever, and includes simple mode, advanced mode and element favouriting.

Nested content enables you to indefinitely nest content with a slick new update to their skeleton mode.

The template manager can prove useful when needing to download templates – creating an ultimate portability solution.

X now features dark mode in it’s latest update which is not only easy on the eyes, but it’s a nice slick design that you don’t often see in a world of bright looking sites.

There’s a one click installer for quickly installing one of the many demos that this theme comes with. Not only that, but the demos include pages that can be imported on their own which is great for mixing and matching from the pages you like.

Want to create or edit your own pages? No problem as X comes with Cornerstone page builder allowing you to achieve virtually any look any layout with ease.

The page builder is front end, meaning you can see all the changes you make in real time. No more updating the webpage to see what the finished result looks like.

Cornerstone is built from the ground up by it’s developers meaning there’s plenty of elements for you to use and we particularly like the fact these are added on a regular basis which you don’t often see with page builders for WordPress.

Ok, so what about premium plugins. Surely, I get some of those right? Yep, just a few!

X comes with just under 30 premium plugins! Updates are free for life not only for the theme but also the plugins! Plugins include:

  1. ACF Pro
  2. Superfly
  3. E&P Forms Builder
  4. UberMenu
  5. ConvertPlug
  6. Layer Slider
  7. Essential Grid
  8. Envira Gallery
  9. The Grid
  10. Content Dock
  11. Typekit Integration
  12. Cornerstone
  13. MailPoet Premium
  14. MailChimp Integration
  15. Disqus Comments
  16. Facebook Comments
  17. Analytics Integration
  18. Revolution Slider
  19. Custom 404
  20. Visual Composer
  21. Terms of Use
  22. Olark Integration
  23. Smooth Scroll
  24. Soliloguy Slider
  25. White Label
  26. Under Construction
  27. Video Lock

That’s a lot of premium plugins and a lot of them are exclusive to the theme itself. Bonus.

Support is on hand 24/7/365 and we found support tickets to be responded to very quickly indeed. Always a bonus.

There’s a lot more to this theme but this review would become extremely long. It’s fair to say this is one of our favourite themes on the marketplace currently. From a plethora of options, fluidity to what can be achieved to the dozen full time support staff on hand to answer any support tickets you might have. It’s defiantly a theme worth checking out, so why not see for yourself? We doubt you’ll be disappointed.

  • High Resolution
  • Layout: Responsive
  • Packed with features
  • Demo Installer
  • Premium Custom Plugins
  • 6 Months Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Well Documented